Sentence Examples

  • The long, slender stems, somewhat tumid at the nodes, were ribbed, the ribs running continuously through the nodes, a fact correlated with the superposition of the whorled leaves, the number of which in each verticil was some multiple of 3, and usually 6.
  • There is evidence that in some, at least, of the Calamarieae the leaves of each verticil were united at the base to form a sheath.
  • The sporangiophores, which are usually half as numerous in each verticil as the bracts, have the same form as in Equisetum, but each bears four sporangia only.
  • C. Grand' Euryi, Ren.) radial membranous plates hung down from each verticil of bracts, forming compartments in which the subjacent sporangio phores were enclosed.
  • Which in structure resembles the vegetative stem in its primary condition, bears numerous verticils of bracts, those of each verticil being coherent in their lower part, so as to form a disc or cup, from the margin of which the free limbs of the bracts arise.

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