Sentence Examples

  • He emp­tied two water bottles before 10:00 and replenished them in one of the ice-cold streams, too thirsty to heed the literature of a pos­sible parasite from elk urine or something.
  • It is found in the allantoic liquid of the cow, and in the urine of sucking calves.
  • It may be produced by placing quantities of horse-dung saturated with the urine of horses, especially of stud horses, with alternate layers of rich earth, and covering the whole with straw, to exclude rain and air; the spawn commonly appears in the heap in about two months afterwards.
  • The education for this examination has kept pace with the rapid advances of science, all the following subjects now receiving attention: the microscopical structure of plants and drugs, so as to detect adulterations and impurities in powdered drugs; organic and quantitative analysis, including those of food and drugs, water, soils, gas and urine; optics, so as to enable them to carry out the prescriptions of oculists; spectrum analysis; the use of the polariscope and refractometer; the method of applying Rntgen rays; the preparation of glandular secretions and antitoxins; and the chemistry of remedies for the fungoid diseases and insect pests of plants.
  • CARBOLIC ACID or Phenol (hydroxy-benzene), C 6 H 5 OH, an acid found in the urine of the herbivorae, and in small quantity in castoreum (F.

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