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  • The urino-genital tubes arise from the posterior angles of the pericardium, pass first forwards, then backwards, and unite to open by a common opening into the cloaca below the anus except in A 8 C D FIG.
  • Enamel-folds; the stomach has a large glandular mass situated to, the right of the oesophageal orifice; the anal and urino-genital.
  • Each nephridium in the oyster is a pyriform sac, which communicates by a narrow canal with the urino-genital groove placed to the front of the great adductor muscle; by a second narrow canal it communicates with the pericardium.
  • The genital duct opens by a pore into the urino-genital groove of the oyster (the same arrangement being repeated on each side of the body) close to but distinct from the aperture of the nephridial canal.
  • Hence, except for the formation of a urino-genital groove, the apertures are placed as they are in Anodonta.

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