Sentence Examples

  • Kris chuckled, at ease with his brother despite the unprotected penthouse on the top floor of a building that could be easily leveled by a single explosive charge.
  • They shared a respect for the high-country conditions, prudent advice at any time, but even more appropriate on these winding roads, unprotected by guardrails, and bordered by sheer drop-offs that caused sweaty palms and racing heartbeats for many a first time driver.
  • Stavanger is the first port of call for northward-bound passenger steamers from Hull and Newcastle, and has regular services from all the Norwegian coast towns, from Hamburg, &c. A railway runs south along the wild and desolate coast of Jaederen, one of the few low and unprotected shores in Norway, the scene of many wrecks.
  • And would be on the unprotected side of any one coming in; the door, too, is narrow and low, and closed from within.
  • The harbour lies on the eastern side of this promontory, but it is an unsafe roadstead, being unprotected towards the north-east and having been much silted up, so that vessels cannot approach within a considerable distance of the shore.

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