Sentence Examples

  • Throughout the struggle Fox was uniformly opposed to the coercion of the colonies and was the untiring critic of Lord North.
  • The thin clumsily-shaped vases of the Kaji school, with their uniformly distributed decoration of diapers, scrolls and arabesques in comparatively dull colors, ceased altogether to be produced, their place being taken by graceful specimens, technically flawless, and carrying designs not only free from stiffness, but also executed in colors at once rich and soft.
  • Long; maximus is a closely-related but still finer form; obvallaris (the Tenby daffodil) is an early form with uniformly yellow flowers.
  • In spite of one or two disadvantageous facts in her career, Madame Comte seems to have uniformly comported herself towards her husband with an honourable solicitude for his well-being.
  • When uniformly damped, the leaves are separately opened out and smoothed, the midrib, if not already removed, is torn out, except when " bird'seye " cut is to be made, in which mixture the midrib gives the peculiar " bird's-eye " appearance.

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