Sentence Examples

  • Buying quality panties saves money over time and provides the best return on wardrobe dollars because ill-fitting, low-quality underpants lose their elasticity quickly due to repeated washings.
  • Thongs provide less coverage than a panty and sacrifice the back portion of the panty in order to remove any visible lines that are created by the derriere seams of underpants.
  • Totally Thomas Toys Depot carries such Thomas accessories as socks, umbrellas, sunglasses and rain boots, but also stocks Thomas the train rain coats and underpants.
  • However, if she were sitting in a dress or skirt where the tech could see her underpants, then I would say that the way she was sitting was improper.
  • Although many maternity and postpartum items such as underpants or nursing gowns may be avoidable, nursing bras are truly a breastfeeding essential.