Sentence Examples

  • Sporosac springing from m, a modified hydriform person (blastostyle): the genitalia are seen surrounding the spadix or manubrium.
  • The intervening segments contain the genitalia, which are on the Oligochaeta plan in that the gonads are independent of their ducts and that there are special spermathecae, one pair.
  • In the remainder the segmentation involves primarily the genitalia and includes the integument, muscles and part of the excretory system.
  • The compound organism now develops two sets of inter-connected genitalia and becomes a Diplozoon.
  • The Nematomorpha form an isolated group; at first sight they seem to be connected with the Nematoda, but in reality their only common feature is the tubular genitalia opening into a cloaca, and it seems at present impossible to connect them with the Annelida.