Sentence Examples

  • The fundamental conception that underlay all Berthelot's chemical work was that all chemical phenomena depend on the action of physical forces which can be determined and measured.
  • The liquid alone an ever perfect material, smiling, simple, pure in its own right, as a worthy vehicle underlay the God."
  • The conception, as we have seen, was taken from the later Roman jurists; by them, however, the law of nature was conceived as something that underlay existing law, and was to be looked for through it, though it might ultimately supersede it, and in the meanwhile represented an ideal standard, by which improvements in legislation were to be guided.
  • But the same persistent idea underlay all his efforts.
  • And would not make up his mind to sanction operations which, at the cost of a few hundred lives, would have saved thousands who perished miserably of disease.2 These then were the leading principles which underlay Nicholas's domestic and foreign policy from first to last: to discipline Russia, and by means of a disciplined Russia to discipline the world.