Sentence Examples

  • The best of intentions gone wrong, Startegy has succeeded in coming to the first page of Google, but the site is so poorly laid out with small text, distracting motion graphics, and even an unfortunate name that sounds like a typo.
  • If you see an incorrect fact, a typo, want to add something to a paragraph, or you see some spam or similar material that shouldn't be in the article, you can easily clean it up.
  • If you aren't already familiar with them, the Duggar family is the family of two parents and 17 (no, not a typo) children…and they're expecting an 18th child soon.
  • With nothing invested in the site already, it is a way for someone to point out where site navigation may be unclear, or if there is a typo in your subheading.
  • An editor may be kind enough to overlook a minor typo, but a letter filled with mistakes is going to be tossed even if your idea is absolutely brilliant.