Sentence Examples

  • CHIVE (Allium Schoenoprasum), a hardy perennial plant, with small narrow bulbs tufted on short root-stocks and long cylindrical hollow leaves.
  • Pretty dwarf tufted plants, with needle-shaped leaves, adapted for rockwork.
  • Among other characteristics of these animals may be noticed the great length of the neck and limbs, the complete absence of lateral toes and the long and tufted tail.
  • The last-mentioned species, by its frontal tuft, small rounded ears, general brown coloration, and minute antlers, connects the typical muntjacs with the small tufted deer or tufted muntjacs of the genus Elaphodus of eastern China and Tibet.
  • At the shoulder, and characterized by the presence of a bare glandular spot below the ear, the upright horns of the bucks, which are ringed for a short distance above the face, and the tufted bushy tail, of which the terminal two-thirds are black.

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