Sentence Examples

  • Pharynx suctorial; no radula; branchial rosette on the dorsal surface, above the mantle-border.
  • From the south end of the square the rue Sherif Pasha - in which are the principal shops - and the rue Tewfik Pasha lead to the boulevard, or rue, de Rosette, a long straight road with a general E.
  • (9) The Gymnasium and (10) the Palaestra are both inland, near the great Canopic street (Boulevard de Rosette) in the eastern half of the town, but on sites not determined.
  • Outline of the ventral surface to show the external apertures and nervous system; a, rosette-organ; b, uterine pore; c, terminal sucker; e, vaginal pore; g, male gonopore; n, o, p, nervous system.
  • One extremity carries a pedunculate rosette-organ.

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