Sentence Examples

  • This pure being is God, and must be distinguished from the triune God as known to us.
  • Meanwhile the newly constituted " Party of Right," resting upon a narrow Catholic clerical basis, aimed at the reunion of Dalmatia with CroatiaSlavonia in the so-called Triune Kingdom, within whose bounds it affected to deny the very existence of Serbs.
  • The special characteristic of its theology is in the first part where it owes most to the teaching of Augustine, who in his striving after self-knowledge analysed the mystery of his own triune personality and illustrated it with psychological images, " I exist and I am conscious that I exist, and I love the existence and the consciousness; and all this independently of any external influence."
  • In the West trine immersion was generally held to be symbolic of the triune name of "Father, Son and Holy Ghost."
  • Besides the Triune God there is no other object of divine worship, but homage (inrepSovXia) may be paid to the Virgin Mary, and reverence (SovXia) to the saints and to their pictures and relics.