Sentence Examples

  • Most of these ordinances were subsequently confirmed by parliament, and, "on the whole, this body of dictatorial legislation, abnormal in form as it is, in substance was a real, wise and moderate set of reforms."' His ordinances for the "Reformation of Manners," the product of the puritan spirit, had but a transitory effect.
  • In Trachylinae the polyp-stage is passed over, and is represented only by the actinula as a transitory embryonic stage.
  • Same, and that out of this one form, all, the lowest as well as the highest, are developed in such a manner that the latter pass through the permanent forms of the former as transitory stages.
  • Few can doubt that, if not the whole cause, it is a very important factor in that operation; and that it must play a great part in the sorting out of varieties into those which are transitory and those which are permanent.
  • The male gametophyte is sometimes represented by a transitory prothallial cell;, the two male cells are carried passively down into the ovary and into the mouth of the ovule by means of the pollen-tube.

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