Sentence Examples

  • The specialities of Naples are the manufacture of coral, tortoise-shell, kid gloves and macaroni, but it has been growing also as an industrial centre.
  • (6) If the tortoise has the start of Achilles, Achilles can never come up with the tortoise; for, while Achilles traverses the distance from his starting-point to the starting-point of the tortoise, the tortoise advances a certain distance, and while Achilles traverses this distance, the tortoise makes a further advance, and so on ad infinitum.
  • Achilles, on the supposition that his speed is ten times that of the tortoise, must traverse an infinite number of spaces - 1000 ft., loo ft., to ft., &c. - and the tortoise must traverse an infinite number of spaces - loo ft., to ft., I ft., &c. - before they reach the point, distant from their starting-points III I y ft.
  • If one were to ask him what the substance is in which this colour and that taste or smell inhere, " he would find himself in a difficulty like that of the Indian, who, after saying that the world rested on an elephant, and the elephant on a broad-backed tortoise, could only suppose the tortoise to rest on ` Something, I know not what.'
  • Bananas, yams, &c., were also largely cultivated, and there was considerable trade in coco-nut oil, timber, fish and fish oil and tortoise-shell, whaling being carried on, chiefly by Americans and French, in the neighbouring seas.

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