Sentence Examples

  • Buffalo-fish, paddle-fish, cat-fish, drum, crappie, black bass, rock bass, German carp, sturgeon, pike, perch, eels, suckers and shrimp inhabit the waters of the Mississippi and its tributaries, and oysters, shrimp, trout, Spanish mackerel, channel bass, black bass, sheepshead, mullet, croakers, pompano, pin-fish, blue-fish, flounders, crabs and terrapin are obtained from the Mississippi Sound and the rivers flowing into it.
  • Shrimps, frogs (of great commercial importance), terrapin, clams and oysters are common.
  • The terrapin catch decreased in value from $22,333 in 1891 to $1,139 in 1901.
  • Shad and striped bass are both very abundant and cheap. Black bass, flounders, terrapin, sea-turtles, perch, turbot, sole and catfish are also common.
  • So far as these are an article of general commerce, they come, like frogs, terrapin and turtles, mainly from the counties of the embayment region.

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