Sentence Examples

  • The overwhelming dominance of iPods in the mp3 player market makes the shop designed to stock your iPod a no-brainer. iTunes is fairly easy to use - though it could be easier - and has a top-notch selection of music.
  • Ravi's Tailor: With customers ranging from business leaders and diplomats to professionals and civil servants, this company is guaranteed to provide top-notch services when it comes to custom dress shirts and suits.
  • However, the distance learning program is considered top-notch to many human resource departments, especially in the security field, and certification from Securitas is a marketable and highly-desired certification.
  • Because of the nature of baseball fields and the materials the shoes are made of (usually leather uppers, but sometimes synthetic), you'll need to take a few steps to keep their looks and performance top-notch.
  • The SNA899 "Alarm Chronograph" offers the same level of quality, with the added benefits of an alarm and chronograph capability, to ensure that you're never late and you're always in top-notch condition.