Sentence Examples

  • Its immediate task was to neutralize the after-effects of the schism, which had only been terminated in the previous year by the death of Anacletus II.
  • Shepstone determined to dispense with his further services as a government servant, and terminated the engagement.
  • The emperor, to whom Gerbert was well known, appointed a time for the two philosophers to argue before him; and Richer has left a long account of this dialectical tournament at Ravenna, which lasted out a whole day and was only terminated at the imperial bidding.
  • The typical Egyptian obelisk is an upright monolith of nearly square section, generally to diameters in height, the sides slightly convex, tapering upwards very gradually and evenly, and terminated by a pyramidion whose faces are inclined at an angle of 60°.
  • Let us reconsider, following Cornu, the diffraction of a screen unlimited on one side, and on the other terminated by a straight edge.

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