Sentence Examples

  • The safe tensile strength of Portland cement concrete would be something like one-tenth of its compressive strength, and might be far less.
  • Some experiments were next undertaken with the view of ascertaining how far magnetic changes of length in iron were dependent upon the hardness of the metal, and the unexpected result was arrived at that softening produces the same effect as tensile stress; it depresses the elongation curve, diminishing the maximum extension, and reducing the " critical value " of the magnetizing force.
  • 58) has two vertical asymptotes x = ~ 3/4irx; this shows that however the thickness of a cable be adjusted there is a limit irA to the horizontal span, where A depends on the tensile strength of the material.
  • By the addition of a small quantity of silicon the tensile strength of copper is much increased; a sample of such silicon bronze, used for telegraph wires, on analysis was found to consist of 99.94% of copper, 0.03% of tin, and traces of iron and silicon.

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