Sentence Examples

  • From the very day of Clement's coronation the king had charged the Templars with heresy, immorality and abuses, and the scruples of the weak pope were at length overcome by apprehension lest the State should not wait for the Church, but should proceed independently against the alleged heretics, as well as by the royal threats of pressing the accusation of heresy against the late Boniface VIII.
  • In pursuance of the king's wishes Clement summoned the council of Vienne (see Vienne, Council Of), which was !unable to conclude that the Templars were guilty of heresy.
  • Guy found some satisfaction for his loss in buying from the Templars the island of Cyprus, and there he reigned for the last two years of his life (1192-1194).
  • Later in birth than the Templars and Hospitallers, the Teutonic Order traces its first beginnings from the third Crusade.
  • The Order was from the first, therefore, of a national character, unlike the cosmopolitan orders of the Templars and Hospitallers; but in other respects it was modelled upon the same lines, and shared in the same development.

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