Sentence Examples

  • These lending practices would lead to their downfall, as the King became envious of their power and wealth, and when the Knights Templar refused to lend the King any more money, he decided to end the Knights Templar forever.
  • Each Draper had a varied number of tailors, two squires, and a brother to care for his pack animals and his four personal horses.Originally each Knights Templar was given a mantle, a white cloak and a wool shirt.
  • It was on that day that France's King Philip IV arrested, tortured and executed the Knights of the Templar, a Catholic order that protected travelers in Jerusalem.
  • Hungry for gold, King Philip conspired with Church leaders and secretly ordered the abolishment of the Order of the Knights Templar on Friday, October 13, 1307.
  • Over his armor, a Knight Templar wore a white surcoat adorned with the red cross to let everyone know he was part of the Order of the Knight Templar.