Sentence Examples

  • The standard modern work on Savonarola is Pasquale Villari's, La Storia di Fra Girolamo Savonarola e de' suoi tempi (Florence, 1887) based on an exhaustive study of the original authorities and containing a number of new documents (English translation by Linda Villari, London, 1889).
  • The best biography is the standard work of Pasquale Villari, La Storia di Niccolo Machiavelli e de' suoi tempi (Florence, 1877-1882; latest ed., 1895 Eng.
  • 2; Turnbull, Three Dissertations, one of the characters of Horace, Augustus and Agrippa (1740); Frandsen, Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa (1836); Motte, Etude sur Marcus Agrippa (1872); Nispi-Landi, Marcus Agrippa e i suoi tempi (1901); D.
  • Quellenkritisch untersucht (1889); P. Balan, Storia di Gregorio IX e dei suoi tempi (3 vols., Modena, 1872-1873); F.
  • His Istoria dei suoi tempi was published in Florence in 1583; a new edition appeared also in Florence in 1872.