Sentence Examples

  • Noel, who had been touring with the Inspiral Carpets as a guitar technician, arrived home and after discovering his brother's dabbling in music, declared that he would join Liam's band, providing he could have complete creative control.
  • If sleep apnea is diagnosed during the sleep study, the patient will have a second overnight sleep study during which a technician will try alternative pressures to determine the best pressure to stop the patient's apneas.
  • While it's too early to tell the sex of the baby, the technician can see the baby's heart beating, identify twins, determine the due date of the baby, and check for several developmental milestones in the organs of the fetus.
  • If you have no desire to go to medical school or even complete a nursing program but you want to have a hand in helping people in the medical field, consider working in billing or become a health information technician.
  • After each individual pulse, the technician pressed the spot briefly with her gloved finger to help dissipate the pain, and she also kept up a running commentary about her progress so the client knew what to expect.