Sentence Examples

  • Furthermore, in order to encourage the growth and preservation of the forests, and to create systematically forest reserves, the legislature established in 1899 a State Forestry Board.
  • In consequence of it, the values formerly found were systematically too small by an amount which even now it is difficult to estimate with precision.
  • In each case the results of the observations may be systematically in error, not only from the uncertain diameter of the moon, but in a still greater degree from the varying effect of irradiation and the personal equation of the observers.
  • He did not originate this line of research, for it had been pursued, if not originated, by Haller, and cultivated systematically by Tommasini, an Italian "contra-stimulist"; but he carried it out with much elaboration.
  • 1838), but pursued independently and far more systematically and thoroughly by David Ferrier (b.

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