Sentence Examples

  • Thus, you see, with my herbarium, my vibratory, and my semi-circumgyratory, I am in clover; and you may imagine with what scorn I think of the House of Commons, which, comfortable club as it is said to be, could offer me none of these comforts, or, more perfectly speaking, these necessaries of life."
  • Hence a good herbarium forms an indispensable part of a botanical museum or institution.
  • The original herbarium of Linnaeus is in the possession of the Linnaean Society of London.
  • The value of a herbarium is much enhanced by the possession of "types," that is, the original specimens on the study of which a species was founded.
  • Thus the herbarium at the British Museum, which is especially rich in the earlier collections made in the 18th and early 19th centuries, contains the types of many species founded by the earlier workers in botany.

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