Sentence Examples

  • Nigricans, one hundred and twenty synonyms FIG.
  • In 1902 was brought out at Calcutta Sarat Chandra Das's Tibetan English Dictionary with Sanskrit synonyms, a massive volume compiled with the aid of Tibetan lamas and edited by Graham Sandberg and the Moravian missionary A.
  • In these connexions "Shekinah" thus becomes the equivalent of "God" or its synonyms. One or two examples will make the Targum-usage clear.
  • On the North American continent, as in Europe, the Cambrian system is divisible into three series: (i) the lower or "Georgian," with Olenellus fauna; (2) the middle or "Acadian," with Paradoxides or Dikelocephalus fauna; (3) the upper or "Potsdam," with Olenus fauna (with Saratogan or St Croix as synonyms for Potsdam).
  • Tuath, Cinel and Clann were synonyms meaning a small tribe or nation descended from a common ancestor.