Sentence Examples

  • Equally fallacious are two other attempts of Schuppe to produce syllogisms from invalid moods: (1) 1st Fig.
  • Moreover, it is clear that Aristotle addressed himself to readers as well as hearers, as in concluding his whole theory of syllogisms he says, " There would remain for all of you or for our hearers (763,7 co y uµWV rt T&?v ipcpoapEVwv) a duty of according to the defects of the investigation consideration, to its discoveries much gratitude " (Sophistical Elenchi, 34, 184 b 6).
  • He may have laid out the sequence of syllogisms from the Analytics onwards; but how about the Categories and the De Interpretatione?
  • A degenerate society cared nothing for syllogisms grown threadbare by repetition.
  • His name has been preserved chiefly by some celebrated, though false and captious, syllogisms of which he was the reputed author.

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