Sentence Examples

  • Equally fallacious are two other attempts of Schuppe to produce syllogisms from invalid moods: (1) 1st Fig.
  • C is B Conclusion Syllogisms differ in (a) " figure " and (b) " mood."
  • To the same class belong the treatise To Ablavius, against the tritheists; On Faith, against the Arians; On Common Notions, in explanation of the terms in current employment with regard to the Trinity; Ten Syllogisms, against the Manichaeans; To Theophilus, against the Apollinarians; an Antirrhetic against the same; Against Fate, a disputation with a heathen philosopher; De anima et resurrectione, a dialogue with his dying sister Macrina; and the Oratio catechetica magna, an argument for the incarnation as the best possible form of redemption, intended to convince educated pagans and Jews.
  • Secondly, a subordinate point in Bradley's logic is that there are inferences which are not syllogisms; and this is true.
  • Both are syllogisms, though in different points of view.

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