Sentence Examples

  • The influence of traction in diminishing the susceptibility of nickel was first noticed by Kelvin (W.
  • The mere reading of accounts of seances developed the peculiar susceptibility in some persons, while others, who became mediums ultimately, did so only after prolonged and patient waiting.
  • The requirements of barley within the soil, and its susceptibility to the external influences of season, are very similar to those of its near ally, wheat.
  • The magnetic susceptibility expresses the numerical relation of the magnetization to the magnetizing force.
  • Villari in 1868 that the magnetic susceptibility of an iron wire was increased by stretching when the magnetization was below a certain value, but diminished when that value was exceeded; this phenomenon has been termed by Lord Kelvin, who discovered it independently, the " Villari reversal," the value of the magnetization for which stretching by a given load produces no effect being known as the " Villari critical point " for that load.

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