Sentence Examples

  • The objection to admitting immigrants was not only to the Chinese, but extended to all Asiatics; but as a large proportion of the persons whose entrance into the colonies it was desired to stop were British subjects, and the Imperial government refused to sanction any measure directly prohibiting in plain terms the movement of British subjects from one part of the empire to another, resort was made to indirect legislation; this was the more advisable, as the rise of the Japanese power in the East and the alliance of that country with Great Britain rendered it necessary to pay attention to the susceptibilities of a powerful nation whose subjects might be affected by restrictive laws.
  • But for the Tunisian question Italy might again have been drawn into the wake of France, Mancini tried to impede the organization of French rule in thi Regency by refusing to recognize the treaty of Bardo, yet sc careless was Bismarck of Italian susceptibilities that he in.
  • France was equally careless of Italian susceptibilities, and in April 1888 Goblet made a futile but irritating attempt to enforce at Massawa the Ottoman rgime of the capitulations in regard to non-Italian residents.
  • Setting aside other susceptibilities, we have evidence that most plants are sensitive to all these.
  • Ivan III., notwithstanding the influence of his Greek consort, showed some respect for the ancient traditions and the susceptibilities of those around him, but his successor Basil did not follow his father's example.

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