Sentence Examples

  • Setting aside other susceptibilities, we have evidence that most plants are sensitive to all these.
  • Ivan III., notwithstanding the influence of his Greek consort, showed some respect for the ancient traditions and the susceptibilities of those around him, but his successor Basil did not follow his father's example.
  • To constitute the offence, the blasphemy must be uttered in public, be offensive in character, and have wounded the religious susceptibilities of some other person.
  • This union, when accomplished by the individual soul, must enhance its susceptibilities and powers, and so the yogis claim a far-reaching knowledge of the secrets of nature and extensive sway over men and natural phenomena.
  • If each of these axes successively is placed parallel to the lines of force in a uniform field H, we shall have = 12 = 13=K3H, the three susceptibilities being in general unequal, though in some cases two of them may have the same value.