Sentence Examples

  • His swing resembled that of a golfer and she surmised he had plenty of practice.
  • Cynthia surmised that when they did appear, they were oversights on the part of the writer who unconsciously placed them as if she were writing in a normal, un-coded fashion.
  • The succession of archaeological types revealed in them has been tabulated by Petrie in his Diospolis Parva; and the detailed publication of Reisners unusually careful researches is bringing much new light on the questions involved, amongst other things showing the exact point at which the prehistoric series merges into the 1st Dynasty, for, as might be surmised, in many cases the prehistoric cemeteries continued in use under the earliest dynasties.
  • Not, Dean surmised, out of a sense of charity as much as a severe case of nosiness.
  • He'd surmised she was somewhere this side of the Mississippi, but he couldn't understand how she didn't know how bad it was.