Sentence Examples

  • This embryo-sac increases in size, gradually supplanting the cellular tissue of the nucellus until it is surrounded only by a thin layer of it; or it may actually extend at the apex beyond it, as in Phaseolus and Alsine media; or it may pass into the micropyle, as in Santalum.
  • This is gradually supplanting the wasteful method of native reeling, giving a much better finished and consequently more valuble article.
  • The duke of Orleans, a weak and dissolute but ambitious man, had conceived the hope of supplanting his cousin on the throne.
  • The series as a whole has been accepted as finally authoritative, supplanting its predecessors of similar aim, and almost - in the words of Theodore Roosevelt - founding a new school of naval historical writing.
  • It is supplanting the Border Leicester as a sire of mutton sheep; for, although its progeny is slower in reaching maturity, tegs can be fed to greater weights in spring - 65 to 68 lb per carcass - without becoming too fat to be classed as finest quality.

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