Sentence Examples

  • Martha and Quinn were readying for our restaurant dinner in their room and Betsy was upstairs usurping the single bathroom.
  • When Pretorius conducted the negotiations which led to the signing of the Sand River Convention he did so without consulting the volksraad, and Potgieter's party accused him of usurping power and aiming at domination over the whole country.
  • They protest against the Asmonaean house for usurping the throne of David, and laying violent hands on the high priesthood (xvii.
  • Popayan was founded by Sebastian Benalcazar in 1538 on the site of an Indian settlement, whose chief, Payan, had the unusual honour of having his name given to the usurping town.
  • In his controversies with the bishops of Ravenna concerning the use of the pallium, with Maximus the "usurping" bishop of Salona, and with the patriarchs of Constantinople in respect of the title "ecumenical bishops"), contributed greatly to build up the system of papal absolutism.