Sentence Examples

  • In the personal suffixes the forms of the 2nd pers.
  • Table of Ethnic Suffixes in Ancient Italy.
  • If more than one compound be formed from the same two elements,, the difference is shown by prefixing such words as mono-, di-, tri-, sesqui-, per-, sub-, &c., to the last part of the name, or the suffixes -ous and -ic may be appended to the name of the first element.
  • A and 13 are transposed, and it is clear that the number of transpositions necessary to convert the permutation say...v of the second suffixes to the natural order is changed by unity.
  • � � x0 yn � This must not be confused with the use of suffixes to denote particular terms of a series or a progression (as in � 41 (viii.) and (ix.)).