Sentence Examples

  • Hunter states that the Dravidian tribes were driven southwards in Hindustan, and that the grammatical relations of their dialects are " expressed by suffixes," which is true as to the Australian languages.
  • But the script itself is as yet undeciphered, though it is clear that certain words have changing suffixes, and that there were many compound words.
  • These pronominal suffixes are of much the same form as in Hebrew, but produce less change in the vowels of the words to which they are attached.
  • If more than one compound be formed from the same two elements,, the difference is shown by prefixing such words as mono-, di-, tri-, sesqui-, per-, sub-, &c., to the last part of the name, or the suffixes -ous and -ic may be appended to the name of the first element.
  • Anv, where the first suffixes are the natural numbers I, 2, 3, ...n taken in order, and a, 0, y, ...

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