Sentence Examples

  • - The chief suffixes of Saxon origin to be found in English place-names are as follows (some of them being also used independently): -burgh, -borough, -bury (O.E.
  • Scandinavian.-The following suffixes are Scandinavian in origin, some of them being also used independently: -beck (O.N.
  • Some anomalies, both of metre and of sense, may be removed by judicious emendation; and many lines become smooth enough, if we assume a crasis of open vowels of the same class, or a diphthongal pronunciation of others, or contraction or silence of certain suffixes as in Syriac. The oldest elegiac utterances are not couched in this metre; e.g.
  • By suffixes, we can replace the system by two forces X, Y, in the direction of co-ordinate axes; viz.
  • From these are derived the suffixes, which are shortened forms attached to nouns to express the possessor, and to verbs to express the subject.

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