Sentence Examples

  • These pronominal suffixes are of much the same form as in Hebrew, but produce less change in the vowels of the words to which they are attached.
  • Consideration of the definition of the determinant shows that the value is unaltered when the suffixes in each element are transposed.
  • Now a11A11= alla22a33...ann, wherein all is not to be changed, but the second suffixes in the product a 22 a 33 ...a nn assume all permutations, the number of transpositions necessary determining the sign to be affixed to the member.
  • 1+Eaix+Esiy+ /al a2x 2 +Malt2xy -Z01023,2+��� The most general symmetric function to be considered is E 41 041 8424-3033..� .conveniently written in the symbolic form (pigi p2g2 p3go...)� Observe that the summation is in regard to the expressions obtained by permuting then suffixes I, 2, 3, ...n.
  • Retains the same value, however the suffixes be permuted, we shall obtain a i 7 2 ar a2 a33?Q"l 7r2 rr3 w hich in r a l sum of terms, such as w!

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