Sentence Examples

  • Younger students can use coloring pages or make a mini storybook to help explain the lesson.One craft idea might include making several doves out of white construction paper, gluing on wings, and hanging these from a hanger or wire.
  • This is a remarkably well stocked and reasonably priced purveyor of fancy dress costumes in a variety of categories, including historical, fairytale and storybook, retro, TV and film, Christmas and national dress.
  • The scented storybook is ideal for preschoolers who are just learning about the holiday and it is certain to instill fond memories with scents of mint, gingerbread, pine and apple pie.
  • Classic stories with familiar storybook characters are beloved for good reason - they have a good theme or plot, and they appeal to children no matter what year they were born.
  • Storybook Land Canal Boats: Originally called the Canal Boats of the World, this canal cruise takes visitors on a trip through miniature scenes from classic Disney movies.