Sentence Examples

  • 3 He was gratified with further rewards, and his success was clouded by no stings of conscience or remorse.
  • The hinder abdominal segments and the stings of the queens and workers resemble those of other stinging Hymenoptera.
  • Very many ants live by preying upon various insects, such as the British " red ants " with well-developed stings (Myrmica rubra), and the notorious " driver ants " of Africa and America, the old-world species of which belong to Dorylus and allied genera, and the new-world species to Eciton (fig.
  • Some chapters describe the manner in which he passes from earth to heaven and becomes a star in the firmament, others deal with the food and drink necessary for his continued existence after death, and others again with the royal prerogatives which he hopes still to enjoy; many are directed against the bites of snakes and stings of scorpions.
  • It is extremely hard to draw any fixed line in Egypt between magic and medicine; but it is curious to note that simple diagnoses and prescriptions were employed for the more curable diseases, while magical formulae and amulets are reserved for those that are harder to cope with, such as the bites of snakes and the stings of scorpions.

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