Sentence Examples

  • A few more punches, and she grew too uncomfortable with him to continue.
  • I just took a few gut punches, that's all.
  • In the Wheatstone automatic apparatus three levers are placed side by side, each acting on a set of small punches and on mechanism for feeding the paper forward a step after each operation of the levers.
  • Rhyn always won, but Tamer got his punches in.
  • 28, and the levers are adjusted so that the left-hand one moves a, b, c and punches a row of holes across the paper (group i in the figure), the middle one moves b only and punches a centre hole (2 in the figure), while the right-hand one moves a, b, d, e and punches O p p Oa Oa' Ob Od 0?

How would you define punches? Add your definition here.

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