Sentence Examples

  • There are numerous French and Latin letters, his Apologie, a promising fragment of comic prose narrative, and a large collection of occasional verses, odes, elegies, stanzas, &c.
  • His poem is rather lyrical than narrative, which may account for some obscurities in the connexion of thought; but his alphabetic scheme proves that he designed twenty-two stanzas, not sixty-six detached couplets.
  • They include a lament of Garcia de Resende on the death of Ignez de Castro which probably inspired the inimitable stanzas dedicated to the same subject in The Lusiads, the Fingimento de Amores by Diogo Brandao, the Coplas of D.
  • We thus get a broken series of eleven stanzas, beginning with the letters ti (verses 7, 8), 3 (9, 10), 1 (21, 22), (19, cf.
  • Where the verses deal with thoseideas that are common to Christians and Buddhists, the versions are easily intelligible, and some of the stanzas appeal very strongly to the Western sense of religious beauty.