Sentence Examples

  • Dobereiner discovered the combination of SO 2 and 0 into SO 3 by means of spongy platinum.
  • Has light grey or brown close thick wool half an inch deep without any top hair, with a rather thick spongy pelt.
  • Moreover, unless the conditions are closely watched, it is liable to be thrown down in a spongy form.
  • In order to make spongy or porous rubber, some material is incorporated which will give off gas or vapour at the vulcanizing temperature, - such as carbonate of ammonia, crystallized alum, and finely ground damp sawdust.
  • Opening into the spongy urethra where it passes through the bulb are the ducts of two small glands known as Cowper's glands, which lie on each side of the membranous urethra and are best seen in childhood.