Sentence Examples

  • Multicolored fields of grain and soy beans lay like a patchwork quilt for miles.
  • Alfalfa, the Japanese soy bean and the wheat fields - which furnish the finest of pasture in the early spring and ordinarily well into the winter season - are the props of a prosperous dairy industry.
  • He was the author of an 'Eirvro o' TWv HX aTcwos Soy s6TC.wv, an analysis of Plato's philosophy according to later writers.
  • 2 The last charge of Epicurus to his disciples is said to have been, Twv Soy / 2t Twv µe%cv11 vOac. on the essentially Greek doctrine which it received, - a reaction all the more inevitable from the very affinity between the Stoic sage and the ancient Roman ideal of manliness.
  • Are you going to insist that Howie admit to her what we're doing at Econ Scrutiny all day; not just counting sheep births and soy bean crops?