Sentence Examples

  • All the horrors of the reign of terror were based only on solicitude for public tranquillity.
  • Anne herself had a natural feeling for her brother, and had shown great solicitude concerning his treatment when a price had been set on his head at the time of the Scottish expedition in 1708.
  • At the close of 1808, while Napoleon was in Spain, Talleyrand entered into certain relations with his former rival Fouche (q.v.), which aroused the solicitude of the emperor and hastened his return to Paris.
  • The people kept the street in which he lay quiet; but medical care, the loving solicitude of friends, and the respect of all the people could not save his life.
  • Two great objects eclipsed all others, - to find a route to the Indies, and to bring the heathen tribes into the embraces of the Church, since, while he cared little for their bodies, his solicitude for their souls knew no bounds" (Parkman).