Sentence Examples

  • MultiSnooze: Available for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad via the iTunes App Store, this $0.99 app allows you to set the snooze time for anywhere between one and 20 minutes, plus has the ability to set thousands of different alarm events.
  • Some people enjoy a greater length of time between the original alarm and the alarm after a snooze, whereas other people may find that they drift into a deep sleep during this time which makes waking up even more difficult.
  • One of the key features of alarm clocks with programmable snoozes is that the amount of time between the first alarm and the resounding of the second or subsequent alarms after a snooze can be programmed and customized.
  • If you ignore the alarm and choose to snooze, the Clocky will actually roll itself off your bedside table and proceed to roll around in the room, hiding in some unknown crevice until you go to turn it off.
  • Minutes usually spent in front of the mirror can instead be used to extend a good coffee date with an old friend or give you the opportunity to hit that snooze button just one more time in the morning.