Sentence Examples

  • But sometimes it was a really noble and inspiring strain that reached these woods, and the trumpet that sings of fame, and I felt as if I could spit a Mexican with a good relish--for why should we always stand for trifles?--and looked round for a woodchuck or a skunk to exercise my chivalry upon.
  • P. 1121 &c.), tells of the downfall of the house of the Comneni and :sings of the emperor of the future who would one day awake from death and go forth from the cave in which he had lain.
  • It is Achilles himself who sings the stories of heroes (rcXEa av3p63 v7 in his tent, and Patroclus is waiting (respondere paratus), to take up the song in his turn (Il.
  • The youngest literary generation in Czechoslovakia was represented in 1921 in particular by three leading poets: So y a, a writer of delicate lyrics; Bezruc, who sings of social and national oppression, and Bi'ezina, a profound visionary and pantheistic mystic. Among prose writers the leading contemporary names are Svobodova, apek, a robust realist, and Sramek, who has also met with success as a dramatist.
  • Phemius pleases the suitors by singing of the calamitous return of the Greeks; Demodocus sings of a quarrel between Ulysses and Achilles, and afterwards of the wooden horse and the capture of Troy.

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