Sentence Examples

  • You use this lever to lower the sickle, like this and then lift it over stumps and such.
  • Harbour, a circular basin open on the north only, formed by a strip of land curving round like a sickle, from which it took its original name, Zancle KAov, or rather (W'yKXov, the Sicilian equivalent of the Greek S (..Eiravov, l according to Thucydides, vi.
  • The interior of the head is filled up with masses of muscle fibres which are mainly occupied with moving the sickle-shaped hooks.
  • Some Finnish geologists - Sederholm for one - consider it probable that during the Glacial period an Arctic sea (Yoldia sea) covered all southern Finland and also Scania (Sickle) in Sweden, thus connecting the Atlantic Ocean with the Baltic and the White Sea by a broad channel; but no fossils from that sea have been found anywhere in Finland.
  • South of a line running, roughly, from the foot of Lake Vener to Kalmar on the Baltic coast the beech begins to appear, and in Sickle and the southern part of the Cattegat seaboard becomes predominant in the woods which break the wide cultivated places.

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