Sentence Examples

  • By 1560 all the Finnic and Tatar tribes between the Oka and the Kama had become Russian subjects.
  • The Bashkirs who live between the Kama, Ural and Volga are possibly of Finnish origin, but now speak a Tatar language and have become Mahommedans.
  • Then the stream turns south-east and descends into another lacustrine depression, where it receives the Kama, below Kazan.
  • The Kama,' which brings to the Volga a contribution ranging from 52,500 to 144,400 cub.
  • The Sla y s, driven perhaps to the west, had only the Volkhov and the Dnieper, while the (Mahommedan) Bulgarian empire, at the confluence of the Volga with the Kama, was so powerful that for some time it was an open question whether Islam or Christianity would gain the upper hand among the Slav idolaters.

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