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  • It became - to quote Professor Kattenbusch - the "secular" designation of the adherents of the Reformation, the shibboleth of the "liberal" ecclesiastical and theological tendencies.
  • Whether or no the so-called "fourth formula" (Hahn, § 156) is to be ascribed to a continuation of this synod or to a subsequent but distinct assembly of the same year, its aim is like that of the first three; while repudiating certain Arian formulas it avoids the Athanasian shibboleth "homoousios."
  • That the confusion of the sibilants was not confined to the Greeks only, but that pronunciation varied within a small area even among the Semitic stock, is shown by the difficulty which the Ephraimites found in pronouncing " shibboleth " (Judges xii.
  • The Alexandrians, led by Cyril, stood for the doctrine of the perfect union of two complete natures in one person, and made Novi/cos the shibboleth of orthodoxy.
  • A willingness to call the Virgin Mary Theotokos is an important shibboleth for Christological orthodoxy.

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