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  • If we wish to grasp the peculiar character of the great Gnostic movement, we must take care not to be led astray by the catchword " Gnosis."
  • In the catchword Homousios, which had been added to the creed at Nicaea, he too recognized the best formula for the expression of the mystery, although in his own writings he made but sparing use of it.
  • Frequently a popular proverb or catchword in Greek or Latin supplies the designation: thus we have as titles " I've got You " ("Exc.) at); " You don't Know what Evening is to Bring " (Nescis quid vesper serus vehat); " Know Thyself " (FviaOc o-Eavrdv) .
  • The old catchword, " autonomy of the Hellens," was still heard and indeed was solemnly proclaimed by Nero at the Isthmian games of A.D.

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