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  • The most accepted modern theory is that it is merely a catchword surviving from a longer phrase which proclaimed how, during such Indulgences, ordinary confessors might absolve from sins usually " reserved " to the Bishop or the Pope.
  • If we wish to grasp the peculiar character of the great Gnostic movement, we must take care not to be led astray by the catchword " Gnosis."
  • The actual centre was formed by the Homoii, who only spoke generally of a likeness (6,uotorns) of the Son to the Father; to the left of them were the Anomoii, who, with Arius, held the Son to be unlike WO Amos) the Father; to the right, the Homoiousians who, taking as their catchword " likeness of nature " (6Aot6rrls ear' ou61av), thought that they could preserve the religious content of the Nicene formula without having to adopt the formula itself.
  • The old catchword, " autonomy of the Hellens," was still heard and indeed was solemnly proclaimed by Nero at the Isthmian games of A.D.
  • Frequently a popular proverb or catchword in Greek or Latin supplies the designation: thus we have as titles " I've got You " ("Exc.) at); " You don't Know what Evening is to Bring " (Nescis quid vesper serus vehat); " Know Thyself " (FviaOc o-Eavrdv) .

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