Sentence Examples

  • Battery and to earth alternately, the relative time sender during which it is to battery and to earth depending to a great extent on the operator.
  • This consists of a receiving antenna similar to the sending antenna, and in any wireless telegraph station it is usual to make the one and the same antenna do duty as a receiver or sender by switching it over from one apparatus to the other.
  • He is further the god of vegetation generally - Nomios, "god of pastures" (explained, however, by Cicero, as "god of law"), Hersos, " sender of the fertilizing dew."
  • The automatic curb sender was originally designed by Lord Kelvin for the purpose of diminishing the effect of inductive re- Au tardation in long cables.
  • The special form of curb sender mentioned, termed the " Interpolator," has been devised so as to secure the correct re-transmission of any given number of consecutive elements of a letter which are of the same sign, for when signals are received at the end of a long cable the relay arm will not return to its zero position between consecutive elements of the same sign, but will remain on the respective contact surface during the whole time occupied by such consecutive elements.

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