Sentence Examples

  • Battery and to earth alternately, the relative time sender during which it is to battery and to earth depending to a great extent on the operator.
  • He is further the god of vegetation generally - Nomios, "god of pastures" (explained, however, by Cicero, as "god of law"), Hersos, " sender of the fertilizing dew."
  • The automatic curb sender was originally designed by Lord Kelvin for the purpose of diminishing the effect of inductive re- Au tardation in long cables.
  • This consists of a receiving antenna similar to the sending antenna, and in any wireless telegraph station it is usual to make the one and the same antenna do duty as a receiver or sender by switching it over from one apparatus to the other.
  • If by any chance wrong signals are printed or the instruments get out of phase, the sender is stopped by the receiver sending a few signals, after which both type-wheels are again set to zero and correspondence continued.