Sentence Examples

  • "Keep me updated, and alert the neighboring sectors," he ordered.
  • The solid enclosed by a small circle and the radii vectores from the centre of the sphere is a "spherical sector"; and the solid contained between two spherical sectors standing on copolar small circles is a "spherical cone."
  • But there will be a few thousand bad guys within a stone's throw of us …" "Pull in everything we can from the east coast sectors," Dusty said.
  • The base camp housed the emergency response helicopters for Tucson and neighboring sectors and was manned with a skeletal crew of Guardians and one on-duty pilot, a Natural who'd been trained to fly.
  • This was enhanced by the fact that only in certain sectors where the canal passed under the Bellicourt tunnel was it possible to employ tanks, of which some 130 were allotted to the left of the IX.