Sentence Examples

  • Most of the songs need to be downloaded through iTunes, Rhapsody or other downloading software.DJ Scribble has put his drum-n-bass flair on the theme as well as German DJ, Kid Dub.
  • Using a bottle of craft glue with a small, pointed dispenser tip, draw a family member's initial, or small dots, or a scribble or swirl design over your ornament.
  • Steady in her methods, the author has a toe hold on the ground as she continues to scribble stars into the sky, plotting the destiny of her characters.
  • Your listing can be something you scribble down on a piece of paper, but there are plenty of resources to assist you in conducting your inventory.
  • No longer in stores or being produced, the limited edition Coach Scribble line was one of the most popular designs made by Coach.